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pink hat overalls and rattle.jpgThe last two weeks Elisa has started to make transitions that lead us to think her limited mobility is going to be very short-lived!  Of course she makes most of these transitions when we’re turned away for a few seconds and we just see the result!  (So we have no pictures or videos yet.)  And she never does things the easy way…

While Andrew was in Texas, she decided to get to her feet for the first time – in the baby bath.  She has developed a habit of leaning over the side of the bath from her sitting position to communicate she wishes to get out.  So when Mommy looked down to lay out the towel and then looked back up, Elisa was leaning over the side, bubble beard.jpgbut she’d gotten around the central pillar and was on her feet!  Two days later, in chasing the dangling shower head Mommy had used to rinse Elisa’s hair (and there’s starting to be some!) she got from her knees to her feet a couple times while leaning over the edge of the baby bath. 

Today has seen some of the most startling transitions.  This morning Mommy sat her in her desk chair at school only to have her (in the 5 seconds her back was turned to get a cord) get to her knees using the armrest.  At lunch, she got up from her portable highchair, moving from sitting (without the tray) to facing and holding onto the back of the high chair while standing on the seat (of course, none of the 3 adults in the room was watching!)  jeans ready to walk.jpgA few minutes later she was holding onto a spoon with both hands and leaning over…entirely unsupported.  This is the first time she was standing entirely on her own (even though she has gotten close by leaning against something with her chest and using both hands) and we think she surprised herself because she suddenly gave out a cry and grabbed for Mommy.

When she starts repeating these transitions, we are going to have quite the little mover since she has been getting much better at cruising.  She loves pushing the seat of her playstation around the circle (much better than being in the seat!) and will walk along the edge without using the seat just as easily.  She is also moving between objects – this morning switching between two chairs and a table leg and back to one of the chairs all in a couple minutes. 

little construction worker 2.jpgSo we are starting to prepare…  In the past, the basement door has stayed open since that is where Ink’s food and litter box are.  But no more!  We put a cat door for Ink in the basement door and Elisa even “helped” Daddy by keeping track of the tools.  Ink has been very tolerant of the change, figuring out how to go through in the first few hours with some judicious use of food bribes.  We also have a new piece of furniture for our family room that will allow Mommy to put all her books and bags – school, crocheting, church – inside something where little hands can’t get at them.

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