Seven months & teeth!

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seven months sitting smile.jpgElisa turned seven months old yesterday (Sabbath, March 7th)!  Mommy celebrated the date and the more spring-like weather with a short-sleeve dress (and a sweater!)  Elisa celebrated the day with a second day that she seemed to not want to nap – thankfully that ended with a 3 hour afternoon nap that allowed mommy and daddy to nap, too! 

The biggest news in the last week is that Elisa has cut her two front bottom teeth.  Last Sunday we were in Rochester (NY) getting her six month pictures and Elisa was gnawing on mommy’s finger when mommy thought “Wait!  That doesn’t feel like a gumline!”  Within 24 hours both bottom teeth had poked through and again, teeth!.jpgElisa was remarkably good-natured about it all.  There was no extra fussiness, fever, diaper rash, or any of those other side effects people talk about…oh, except the extra drool, and that has continued throughout the week.  You should be able to see her teeth in the pictures to the right and below!

toothy smile.jpgWe continue to see further signs of incipient mobility.  She has gotten close to trying to pull herself up a few times, does a lot more twisting around (sometimes facing mommy then turning around, facing others then turning to mommy, facing mommy then…well, it becomes rather repetitive), and instead of going flat onto her stomach from sitting she will often keep one leg hitched up under her and sometimes get back up from this position to sitting.

Another thing that seems safe to announce at this point is that Elisa is sleeping through the night.  I say “safe to announce” because almost every time I’ve talked about her sleeping patterns, whether good or bad, they change the next night.  This very happy pattern began in this manner, too!  She has been sleeping through the night (7.5-9 hours) since the night after her 6-month shots (February 12).  Elisa had slept through the night occasionally, but never more than two nights in a row.  Mommy asked the doctor if it was OK to let her cry if she woke up in the night to make sure there were no concerns about needing food.  With the doctor’s reassurance, we prepared to put up with some significant crying for a couple nights…only to have her sleep soundly for the next four nights with no crying at all!  It was a very pleasant joke on us.  We have had two nights since then where she woke up once, both during her sickness.

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