A week with Mommy

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mirror hands on laugh.jpgAndrew was gone for a week mid-March for a workshop in Atlanta and a conference in Corpus Christi, Texas, so Mommy and Elisa got to hang out for the full week.  For Mommy, it was definitely a challenge to consider a full week of classes without Daddy’s help with Elisa, but overall it turned out very well!  Elisa seems to know what her parents can handle and will adjust to help us! 

That doesn’t mean that everything was easy.  Elisa is a little clingy to Mommy these days – and church Sabbath mornings is one of the traditional challenges since Mommy is playing the piano and can’t hold her.  This Sabbath Elisa lived up to her standard mirror wave redeye.jpgclinginess and subsequent fussiness, even though mommy thought she might even sleep through the service!  Instead, she only took a 40 minute nap and only slept through the first 15 minutes of the service.  Many folks in church have been very helpful and Elisa has a couple adopted grandparents, but she cried constantly for them.  However, she and mommy both had a really nice nap that afternoon!

One of the major challenges for accomplishing work and caring for Elisa was actually Sunday because this was the day that Kristin does her major grading for the weekand it was a day without babysitting!  However, it turned out to be one of our best days together.  mirror pattycake.jpgShe got up early, but then took a nice long morning nap and mommy started grading…  In the process of the day, all the grading got done, Elisa had a bath, we had fun playing with a mirror and taking the pictures in this post, we played with a bunch of toys, we went for a nice long walk in a stroller.  It was a nice sunny day about 50 degrees and she had fun sitting forward in the stroller grabbing the front tray and taking it all in!

Overall, it ended up being a great week, even though we really missed Daddy.  But he’ll get his turn to take care of Elisa soon enough…

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