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palm tree standing closeup.jpgThis last week Elisa had her first real bout with sickness.  She got the cold that was going around and the cough and congestion got down into her lungs.  Mommy had the flu (thankfully short and over) and the next day Elisa woke up with the sniffles.  She gradually got more congestion and kept getting her nose sucked out, but mostly was happy – if anything more content since she wasn’t wanting to do something new every minute!  Two days later, the cough started and mommy debated whether to take her to the doctor (since daddy was at meeting in Florida he couldn’t give advice).  Since mommy had crazy days before break (2 on-campus interview days and a day between running from 9-9) and Elisa woke up Friday acting more like herself – brighter and hungry – mommy thought she was getting better.   Besides, shouldn’t a baby get upset and grumpy if they are really sick?

nebulizerSo it was a little disappointing to get up Sabbath morning and hear a bit of a rattle as Elisa breathed.  We went to the doctor on Monday, got labwork done to make sure it wasn’t RSV or bacterial, and ended up with a nebulizer and medicine on Tuesday.  She has been very good about the nebulizer.  We were told to just hold it under her mouth or nose and Elisa decided to take it into her mouth in the first 10 minutes.  Of course, she won’t keep it in her mouth for the 15-20 minutes it takes to give the medicine dose, but she gets much more upset by the time sitting still than the nebulizer!  At this point, she is mostly over it.  Today we didn’t hear any coughs or rattling and she seems to have enough energy to be content.

palm tree standing huh.jpgOf course, being sick hasn’t kept her from new skills!  She continues to stand more on her own, sometimes just leaning against her playstation or a chair and moving both hands.  She also moves her feet while standing to move around a little.  One thing she has developed while sick is putting her head on her side.  At first we couldn’t figure out why she was doing this, but it turns out she is trying to see around objects when putting her head on the side – particularly to see mommy, daddy or Ink.  While she hasn’t figured out how to pull her legs up under her in preparation for crawling, she has learned to launch herself from a sitting position to chase her toys.  She leans sweatsuit tummy time.jpgover to the side or over her feet and pushes herself forward so that her feet somehow end up in the same place, but she is on her stomach and two feet further than she was.  She is also starting to show a little impatience to move further from that point – which means she is not content on her stomach unless she just reached a toy she wanted or is watching Ink.

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