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with a cube.jpgElisa frequently comes to work with Mommy.  Friday is the babysitter’s day off and she joins Mommy Monday and Wednesday afternoons after classes are done.  On Fridays, a student Rachel Scheiderich stays with Elisa during Mommy’s Geometry class.  (Rachel also gets to babysit Elisa frequently while Mommy attends the ubiquitous 4pm meetings!)

While in the office, Elisa splits her time between napping, eating, playing on a blanket on Mommy’s floor, sitting in a rocking chair with toys (and occasionally triggering the ‘Old MacDonald’ music), and running errands with Mommy in order to charm everyone else to believe she is the most beautiful baby ever!  Actually, running errands is a lot easier to do with a baby than planning for classes onYu and Elisa.jpg a computer or reading math textbooks – so that is a frequent use of Elisa’s awake time.  Here Elisa is seen with Yu Yan, one of Mommy’s colleagues.   Every time Elisa sees Yu she puts on a big smile (and then grabs her hair)!  Elisa smiles at most people, but she does have her favorites!

Of course, being exposed to this enviroment, Elisa has discovered Mommy’s toys as well as her own.  After a couple times that Elisa reached over and grabbed the cube (made from Zomes) while getting her diaper changed, it got added to her set of office toys. hyperbolic fashion 2.jpg Once there were some Zomes in the car next to her carseat and by the time Mommy had driven across campus she had reached over the side of her carseat and picked up one of them and was staring at it as if transfixed – then it made it to her mouth!  She has also grabbed the crocheted hyperbolic plane (that’s the orange thing) – but she has always liked everything made of fabric!

Recently, Elisa has decided that since Mommy and Daddy are always reading and working with paper, it must be worth exploring.  So the last week or two she has grabbed anything paper within reach.  This has resulted in some slightly crinkled paper – and occasionally very wet paper if it makes it to her mouth.  When in the doctor’s office for her check-up, she even tore pieces of paper off the liner paper over the patient couch!

Elisa eating Zome.jpgMommy has tried not to overly push the “math thing,” especially since she had told her college friends many years ago that she WOULD NOT teach her children Calculus before the age of 5.  We have, since very early on, counted snaps and buttons on almost all clothes items – but no Calculus.  However, when you come to work with Mommy, there is definitely an environment that encourages math!  JonathanElisa2This is especially true since Elisa came with Mommy to a big math conference in Washington, D.C. just before the beginning of the semester (5000+ mathematicians in one place…).  Knowing her predilection for Zomes, it was easy to encourage her to continue! 

Noah, Brian and pyramid.jpgWhile in D.C., we got to visit with some of Mommy’s friends: Megan, a roommate from college, her husband Brian & their 2-year-old son, Megan and Elisa 2 redeye.jpgNoah.  Mommy appreciates that Elisa isn’t the only child who likes the Zome toys – but then again, Brian teaches Statistics at the college level, so perhaps this isn’t a good sign of what is normal!

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  1. Faith Green

    March 25, 2009

    Hi Kristin and Andrew – I haven’t checked any of the webpages lately. I am glad I found time today. Elisa is looking great. I love the photos and stories that you are sharing. I think of you all often and you are in my prayers. Love, Faith

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