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6 months smiling.jpgToday Elisa is 6 months old!

(Her daddy thinks of it as .5…not her mommy!  Mommy would think in fractions!)

She has had a laid back Sabbath for her birthday, getting some pictures taken, going with Mommy to church (Daddy was ill but is getting better), taking some naps, and eating some food.  She continues to grow in strength and size and show more of her personality.

Currently, her favorite pasttimes include:

She is starting to make consonant sounds: some “b”, “d”, “t” and “v/f” sounds, even ocassionally an “a-ba.”  She loves to laugh and smile and lightens the heart of the many people she gets to see at school, church and out shopping.  In general, she seems to have a sunny personality.  She also seems to be showing both strong determination and some thrill-seeking behavior.  When she is intent on a toy or object, she will throw herself forward as needed.  Yesterday, she was standing holding mommy’s hands near a coffee table with a glass of water on it.  She is entranced by glassy objects (like mommy’s blue water bottle) so she lunged for it – taking her left arm across her body for probably a full 18-24 inches of movement – and knocking over the glass with perfect aim.  Elisa also seems to like things that are new and exciting – being upside-down or high up and any new physical skills she hasn’t mastered  yet  (perhaps this is the determination coming out again).  Once something is mastered it isn’t as interesting – rolling, mommy?  That’s so last month!

high chair 3.jpgThe last week she has started on foods other than cereal.  She has eaten everything happily the first time – except carrots, but we don’t think she was hungry at all – and is slowly becoming a little neater.  (Of course, some of this depends on her parents’ aim!)  She is starting to be a little more interested in the food than the spoon – the week before the new foods she was so interested in the spoon that she didn’t eat much cereal.  At this point, we think it was because she was bored by the food – again, that search for new experiences!  Sometimes she even calmly keeps her hands at her sides (the big catcher bib helps!) and opens her mouth waiting for food!  So far she has had green beans and squash and carrots and, in the last 24 hours, peaches.  When we first started giving her cereal in January we were using her Bumbo seat since the high chairs required too much of her, but she is now happily sitting in the high chair (not even needing to be strapped in) and frequently sitting there with toys for 10-15 minutes while mommy and daddy eat, too!

We are thankful for the first 6 months that we have been blessed with Elisa and look forward to her continued growth.  We are also thankful for all of you who care deeply for us and are working to keep up with Elisa even when you are at a distance!

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