Rolling both ways

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all_eyesSince we were in Colorado for Christmas, Elisa has been rolling from side to side – looking more and more like the pirate ship ride at the amusement park that goes side to side before it goes upside down.  And Wednesday night she finally rolled over from back to front instead of just front to back!  The best part is we got the first roll on video!  (But we still have to upload it!)  Mommy had been trying to tempt her to roll by putting a bear she was enjoying just out of reach and she got the bear without rolling!  So Mommy was just about to give up videotaping when Elisa decided to roll over, bear and all!

True to the personality she has been showing, she rolled over again twice in the next 10 minutes and multiple times the next day.  She also put together a few rolls the next day, rolling from back to front, front to back and trying to keep rolling in the same direction.  This means that play mats and blankets are no longer as helpful and we are starting in on playpen training!

grabbing baby gym.jpgThe last 24 hours she has taken her enjoyment of shrieking to a new level.  She has shrieked from time to time the last month, usually a sign that she is ready for a nap.  But the last 24 hours she has decided somewhat just to shriek – not necessarily because she is excited, tired, bored, or anything else we can figure out.  This evening Kristin’s mom was asking when she seemed to shriek and the pattern this evening was whenever she was awake!  Perhaps we should invest in ear plugs…

(Written January 16, 2009)

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