Every day, a new skill

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sittingThe last two weeks, Elisa seems to have had a number of incipient skills come together to amaze her parents with all the new things she does every day! 

Two weeks ago, Elisa amost sat independently for the first time on Mommy’s lap during Sabbath school, actually supporting herself briefly without leaning against Mommy.  Up until this time she had always fallen forward over her feet when put in a sitting position.  On Monday (Mommy’s first day back at work!), she pushed herself up from falling over her feet for the first time, but not all the way up.  In the next couple days, she started falling over sideways rather than forward when sitting.  Last weekend she started sitting on her own on the ground for a few seconds before falling.  At this point, she frequently sits for multiple minutes, grabbing toys around her and bringing them to herself.

We have also seen more work with her feet.  She has been putting her feet up in the air for the last few weeks…

feet in the air.jpg

A couple weeks ago she started actually grabbing her legs…


holding legs.jpg

then her feet…

feet grabbing.jpg

Then last Sabbath she got her feet into her mouth!

foot in mouth.jpg

holding spoon.jpgAnother change has been her interest in cereal.  We did take a bit of time off since she actually seemed to be sleeping less.  But this last week we have gone to two, then three meals of cereal each day.  She has shown continued interest in the food and enjoys playing with the spoon and trying to feed herself.  Far too soon we will be on to other foods!

She has enjoyed standing for a number of weeks and went through a long stage where when we pulled her up kneeling by daddy 2.jpgfrom lying down she wanted to come up as stiff as a board.   At this point she is getting more steady on her feet (but not too steady!), holding onto only one hand here and there and even grabbing the edge of the coffee table and standing for a couple seconds when helped.  She has also started kneeling, sometimes going down to kneeling from standing and staying there for a while. 

Bright starts 2.jpgWhen we got back from Colorado, we did invest in a playstation in which she sits in the seat and goes around the toys.  She just barely reaches the ground, so she has yet to move herself around the toys.  But she has enjoyed the piano and yesterday learned to flip the little book that changes the piano from notes to animals to musical styles – and we hadn’t even modeled that for her except maybe once at the beginning!

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