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Donovan_and_Elisa_openmouthedWe are celebrating Christmas in Colorado with Kristin’s brother Jeff and her folks and much of her dad’s family.  This includes Jeff’s son Donovan who is 13 months old and cruising around like crazy.  It has been fun to watch the two of them together!

Donovan quickly took to Elisa, holding her hand when they were in their car seats next to each other, helping her play with the Exersaucer, patting her head, trying to crawl in the baby gym with her, and calling her “kitty.”  Since Donovan appears to have three categories – mommy, daddy, and kitty – this isn’t quite as strange as it sounds.  But when she is sleeping, we have to decide if “kitty” means Elisa or a teddy bear or…

Donovan_and_Elisa_in_carseat_redeyeThis has also allowed us to explore what it is like to have two kids since we have had a few days where we’ve taken care of Donovan while Jeff worked.  Kristin has realized that 13 month olds are much more tiring than 4 month olds…and is celebrating that any other kids God grants us will be more than 9 months younger than Elisa!

(written December 27, 2008)

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