Cereal and Exersaucers

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eating_cereal_2Elisa has had (at least) two new experiences while we have been out in Colorado for Christmas: her first cereal and some time playing in an Exersaucer. 

As with most traveling, we’ve had some good nights and some bad nights of sleep.  We’d been putting off cereal since Elisa seemed to be content – but two bad nights of sleep, coupled with late afternoon feedings during which she didn’t seem to be replete pushed us to attempt cereal.  So the day after Christmas Elisa had her first cereal, which Mommy was surprised to find out was much more liquid than she thought!  We sat her in cousin Donovan’s high chair, wearing Donovan’s bib, and spooned liquid into her mouth.  Of course, plenty of it spilled, but more because of Mommy and Daddy’s aim than her reaction.  She first was a little confused by the spoon and wanted to help hold it, but then started lapping up the milk.  Eventually (despite the comment at the end of the video – coming later – that she was done), she got more and more excited about the cereal and waving her arms.  Mommy and Daddy tired before she did and the last ounce or so was given in a bottle and gulped down before she went on to nurse.

exersaucer_tiltedWe have been planning to get Elisa an Exersaucer, but figured we would wait until after this trip so we could experiment with others’ toys first!  Even though her feet barely touch bottom, she has enjoyed bouncing.  She has quickly discoverd the toys that spin and has expanded her repetoire to a new toy almost every day we have been here.  Today she also turned herself around a full 180 degrees in the seat – and at least Grandma Rood got to watch her do it!

So all in all, Elisa has had an eventful Christmas trip!  Hopefully the trip back will be a little better than the trip out (as her first trip with a layover, after the 3rd short nap Elisa, Mommy and Daddy were all very tired!) but we are still very proud of our little girl and how well she does while traveling!  It has been fun to watch as she learns something new every day!

(Written December 27, 2008)

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