Thanksgiving in Daytona

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family palm wider view.JPGLeaving behind the snow and below-freezing temperatures of western New York, we escaped to Daytona for Thanksgiving. (Andrew’s parents chose a nice climate to live in!)  Andrew’s brother (Johnmark) and family also live in the area and one of his sister’s (Faith) and her family were also down from Michigan.  We greatly enjoyed the week and a half spent with family and Elisa enjoyed and was greatly admired by all.

Elisa with Grandpa Cam 2 redeye.jpgThis was Elisa’s first chance to meet her Grandpa Camenga as well as some aunts, uncles and cousins.  Grandpa was kind enough to sing his Happy Hippopotamus song for Elisa.  She was described as even-tempered and a pretty happy baby – and she really is!

We took trips to the Kennedy Space Center, where Andrew’s dad is working, and to Silver Springs, a natural wonder and zoo/amusement park.   At the Space Center, we got own private tour and had a marvelous time learning and getting insight into Dad Camenga’s daily routine.  We enjoyed family strollers.JPGalligators, tortoises, giraffes and glass-bottom boat tours at Silver Springs.  In both cases we had quite the stroller brigade between Elisa and her sixteen-month triplet cousins!  Elisa hat

Elisa also had her first experience of sun hats and sunblock since her eyes were too sensitive to light to be outside much before the weather cooled up north.

just cuteWe had a nice traditional Thanksgiving, both brunch and evening meal, with almost everyone preparing a dish or two.  Sabbath we were all able to attend church at Daytona together and see many other friends.  We also had a meal with friends from Hungary Kristin hadn’t seen for 10 years, get family pictures taken (much easier when you don’t have to drive 45-90 min to the studio!), and go out for a date to celebrate Kristin’s birthday (and so give Grandma more time with Elisa!)  Again, Elisa did a great job traveling, having no issues with changes in pressure and sleeping or being happy most of flights.

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