Four months old!

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pink fuzzy coat closeup.JPGLast weekend, Elisa turned four months old!  That meant another trip to the doctor for more shots and some measurements:  13 lb. 12 oz., 24 in. long, 16 in. head.  That means that Elisa has more than doubled her lowest weight – and may actually outweigh our cat Ink in the next month or so!!

The yearly start of winter has allowed some wardrobe variety.  With cold weather, Elisa has been wearing a variety of sweaters and coats for outer wear, but this week she got a pink snowball coat made by a friend at Houghton.  The coat is guaranteed to make almost everyone who sees her croon!  Despite the sweaters, Elisa has survived her first cold – which she got in Florida.  Mommy and Daddy got pretty handy with the nasal bulb (and a few times Elisa even laughed as Mommy cleaned out her nose…) and then learned about a wonderful vaccuum cleaner reading a book.JPGattachment that sucks the sinuses out with much better efficiency, which results in less overall crying!  (Don’t worry – Andrew tried it on himself first!)

Elisa is gaining more control of her hands.  She has been grabbing things for some time, but has been better at holding on and pulling to her over the last couple weeks.  She held a book while we were in Florida and has started the habit of holding onto the bar from which her toys are suspended in both the bouncy seat and swing.  Most exciting, she held her own bottle for the first time tonight!

holding bottle.jpgFinally, Elisa is gaining strength in her legs.  She had started pushing up on her legs a little before Thanksgiving, but now is very excited about standing!  When pulled to sitting she occasionally doesn’t want to stop there and straightens her legs to show she wants to stand.  She can stand (though not steadily) while holding on to our fingers.

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