Souffles and Sheep

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attack of the purple souffle closeup.JPG

Last weekend, Elisa got to hear her first bluegrass, including a banjo (Daddy’s favorite!) and a mandolin at our church dinner concert.  Andrew said that the hits of the evening were the band, the potatoes and Elisa.  Elisa ate as the dinner began and then stayed awake and mostly happy for another two hours, being held by a number of different people and smiling at many more.  She spent a lot of time with Pastor Jo and Martha, who loves Elisa dearly and seeks her out whenever we are in the same place.  She gently pats Elisa’s head or holds her hand, and once when seeing Andrew without Elisa, Martha came MarthaElisaup and held her arms as rocking a baby to ask for Elisa.  As you can see in the pictures, Mommy also indulged in a cute hat – which Daddy thinks looks like a souffle.  Even though this hat fits better than most, it did slip over her eyes on the way home and she was absolutely adorable as she woke up and realized she couldn’t see!

grabbingbouncy seat from above.JPGElisa has also continued to grab and hold things more.  She sits in her bouncy seat during many meals and while Mommy practices piano.  No longer content with batting toys, she pulls them toward her mouth.  See the sheep?  This is her second outfit with a cute sheep!!

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