Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

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just rolled 1.JPG…and so does Elisa celebrate rolling over.  The first rolls at 2-3 weeks might have been a bit of a fluke – and she did roll a half dozen times over the first 3 months –  but today Elisa achieved repeated intentional rolling.  She rolled over 8 times at three different tummy times – so predictably that we have proof on video!  You could almost see her as she was put on her stomach gathering up strength to roll and then calmly and deliberately rolling over.  Today all the rolls were to her left, but she has rolled to the right before.

As you can see from the video, she has been supporting herself on her arms very well and holding her head up.  This morning she was even pushing up on her arms a little.

Bumbo side view.JPGHer other new trick today was turning in her Bumbo seat.  She had dropped the toy she was holding, and when I looked up a couple minutes later, she had turned and was leaning over the side of the seat.  It looked like she was reaching over the seat to pick up the toy!  As she got upset, I turned her back forward and again she quickly shifted to lean over the side.  Hmm…another reason the Bumbo seat might not last for Elisa!Bumbo side look.JPG

She continues as a very happy little girl and we daily thank God for a wonderful baby!  She is regularly sleeping 7 or 8 hours about half the nights.  And most nights she is either sleeping or eating between 7 or 8 p.m. and 7 a.m.  Even better is the fact that she smiles and laughs frequently, and though she shares her smiles with most everyone, she seems to have extra smiles for mommy and daddy!

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