Long Legs

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leg pressure redeye.jpgThe last week or so, Elisa has started using her legs more intentionally.  She has started pulling her legs up under her leg pressure limp redeye.jpgduring tummy time and supporting some of her weight for two to three seconds when standing.  Of course, the latter turns into a fun game where mommy or daddy holds her up for a couple seconds and then she goes limp and sinks down!

one sock on and one sock off.JPGAs the strength in her legs has increased, no longer does mommy brag about her socks that stay on!  Elisa has a nice trick of rubbing one foot against the other to get off her socks.  She can get either sock off, but the left sock is her favorite to shed…one sock on and one sock off!

blue and brown smile redeye.jpgBoth Elisa’s arms and legs continue to grow.  We have started putting away some of the 0-3 month clothes as the pants start to look like highwaters and the sleeves look 3/4 length.  These clothes are frequently plenty large around, but just not long enough!

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