Two months old!

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two month face.jpgTuesday, Elisa turned two months old!  (She celebrated with a 6 hour playdate at the babysitter’s and a series of photos taken by daddy!)  Thursday we went to the doctor for exciting 2-month shots…thankfully they had just gotten in a combination vaccine which gave 3 vaccines in one shot, so Elisa and her parents only had to endure 3 shots rather than 5!  She didn’t quite figure out what was happening until the plunger of the first shot was down and then realized there was pain and started to cry.  However, after a couple minutes of holding she had calmed down and just was crying about the nap that had been interrupted and was quickly resumed.  After 24 hours there is apparently no reaction to the shots.

With this doctor’s visit she weighed in at 10 lbs. 1 oz. and measured 22 inches long, so we are happy to report she is growing well – and mostly unsupplemented.  We’ve had definite opportunity to watch recent growth in weight since this was the third trip to the doctor in a week.  We’ve watched her weight carefully given the slow start and were weighing her at home by subtracting our weight.  When the weight went up and then back down to where it was three weeks earlier and she had started seeming more fruatrated with nursing again and was taking extra formula, two month 2.jpgmommy just wanted to double-check with a more accurate scale.  So last Thursday we went in and got weighed and she weighed in at 9 lbs. 11 oz – half a pound higher than the scale at home.  Monday, the first feeding of the day was accompanied by spitting up specks of blood which was a little scary…of course the heat also kicked in this week and she has been pretty stuffed up.  The doctor verified that as long as she wasn’t spitting up blood itself that what we were seeing was blood that had been swallowed – probably from dried out sinuses.  So we quickly installed a humidifier!  We’ve continued to see flecks of blood every once and a while, but not as much as that first time.

By the way, she is fully awake in the opening picture- she frequently has her eyes as slits and sometimes opens her eyes more than halfway while sleeping.  This makes it a little tricky to determine if she is sleeping when she switches sleep states and occasionally cries out!

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