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yellow dress older long.jpgThis Sabbath Elisa was back in the yellow dress she wore her first Sabbath at church…and she has definitely grown!  The first time, her feet were basically under the dress and now, even the panties to the dress show a bit! (The new tights are quite big, though!)

watching TV.jpgAlso, Elisa has shown signs the last few days of actually supporting herself with her arms a bit.  In the past, she has always held her head up almost entirely using her abdominal muscles.  However, this morning she calmly supported herself and looked around (until she saw the TV and was fixated – football!) for 3-4 minutes.

double barrelled rattle.jpgElisa continues to grasp things with both hands, including starting to grab at toys hanging above her.  She has also shown signs of trying to pull these toys to her mouth, a portent of much to come!!

And more than anything else, our little girl is enjoying smiling and laughing, though the camera is too distracting to get a full-wattage smile so far.  But Elisa is usually a happy baby and we will do many silly things to make her laugh – whether it is her laugh that sounds almost like a cough or the one when she almost spits in our face!Elisa happy.jpgElisa smiling.jpg

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  1. The Camenga Triplets

    October 26, 2008

    How big she is!!! What wonderful pictures. Thank you for keeping us all updated. We enjoy hearing of your adventures in baby-land. The purple shirt with flowers is what the girls wore for their one month pictures. They were so tiny that the shirt looked like a dress. Memories. We can’t wait to see you all next month!

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