Great-Mama and Great-Papa

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Elisa with Great-Mama and Great-Papa 2.jpgLast week, Elisa got to meet most of her maternal grandmother’s side of the family: Great-mama and Great-papa Greene, her great aunt Gerri and great uncle Paul, and many cousins.  Kristin and Elisa traveled to Berlin, NY to visit for a few days while Grandma Rood was also going to be visiting on her school break.

Elisa had a great time meeting her Great-mama and Great-papa and playing on their floor.  She also did a very good job sitting in her infant seat during meals four generations 3.jpg(and her hand eye coordination continued to improve as she hit the dangling frog) and making it just long enough for mommy to eat – but not long enough for her to help clean up!

This opportunity also allowed us to get pictures of four generations of mothers and daughters: Irene Greene, Althea Rood, Kristin Camenga and Elisa.

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