Duelling Grandparents

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Elisa sitting with Grandma Cam.jpgFirst of all, let’s be clear: there were no swords involved and neither was there any competition.  However, the last week Elisa has seen Grandma Camenga and Grandpa Rood at different times in a somewhat intricate and harmonious duet that we liken to the cooperation of banjos in Duelling Banjos (and yes, banjos are one of Andrew’s favorite instruments)!

Elisa sleeping with Grandma Cam.jpgGrandma Camenga was up from Florida for five days to meet Elisa and helped Kristin immensely by babysitting while she went to multiple meetings Tuesday and Thursday.  Also, Grandma’s fun playing with Elisa at home meant that Kristin was finally able to focus on starting to plan next semester’s classes.  Grandma sang, played and slept with Elisa and enjoyed every minute of it!

Elisa with Grandpa Rood redeye.jpgGrandpa Rood had to make a trip to northern NY this past week and so he stopped for two nights on his way to and fro.  He enjoyed seeing Elisa as she is more interactive and enjoying other people and even led her in some cheers for her mommy and daddy. He also prayed for her one night as she went to bed.

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