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Elisa and Kristin in airplane.jpgOn Sunday October 12, Elisa experienced her first airplane flight.  Kristin had to go to Chicago for a training for some educational research and Elisa went along.  Thankfully, the group doing the research was paying for two people from each institution and since no one else from Houghton could go, they also funded the travel and hotel stay of Pastor Pat Bancroft to take care of Elisa while Kristin was in meetings!

As suggested by the airlines, Elisa ate as we took off and ascended to help her ears pop and she never showed any discomfort from the changeElisa holding Snugli.jpg in pressure.  She stayed awake for almost the whole flight from Buffalo to Chicago, falling asleep almost soundlessly just before the descent.  In the airports she did well in the Snugli, even though she hadn’t had too much prior experience.

In Chicago, she had a wonderful time playing with Pastor Pat Bancroft, who was Elisa and Pat.jpgmuch more willing to get down on the floor and play with Elisa than Mommy is: since Elisa can go for 45 minutes of wiggling, waving arms and legs, it takes commitment to stay on the floor!  Pat also got to experience one of Elisa’s firsts as she grasped the rattle from the baby gym and swung it around (these pictures were captured later with Mommy’s conniving).Elisa waving rattle.jpg

The flight back was also fine, with Elisa eating on takeoff, falling asleep just after takeoff and sleeping all the way home – that is, through the flight, the baggage claim, and other than 2 minutes of fussing when put in the car seat, through the 1.75 hour drive home.  (But it was night, so this wasn’t too strange.)  We are thankful that Elisa is proving to be such a good traveler – it will certainly make the rest of the fall’s baby tour easier!

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