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first overalls.jpgThis last week and a half, Elisa has had her first experiences with a babysitter.  As Kristin has done her first round of student teacher observations, Elisa has stayed with Queena and Dorie, a baby just a few hours younger than she is!  Queena graduated from Houghton last year and her husband is still finishing and they had their first baby this summer – in the same hospital and at the same time as Elisa, even though we didn’t see each other in the hospital!

Kristin was very happy when the first 3 hour babysitting went well – because that meant Queena was willing to keep Elisa again for 6 and 3 hours the next week!  For Kristin, watching two two-month-old babies makes Queena her hero!!  She also appreciates that Queena and her husband Ethan seem to really enjoy Elisa and knows that Elisa is being well-taken care of.

baby gym above edited.jpgFor the long babysitting, Kristin brought Elisa’s new baby gym for the two babies to play with.  baby gym side.jpgElisa plays on it a couple times a day, frequently happy for 20-30 minutes.  She’ll look at the mirror and smile and laught and bats at the rattle.  We’re not entirely sure that she is always intentional in the batting since she’ll frequently look the other way!  But she is certainly more aware of objects around her!  (Eventually we’ll get some video posted with lots of cute coos, giggles and guffaws – it’s almost an explosive laugh!)  Queena says when the two babies played together they got way too excited…but at least they enjoyed it!

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