First Road Trip

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car-ride-settledThis past weekend Elisa took her first road trip to South Jersey.  She really did a great job and her parents really enjoyed the peace and quiet of the trip both directions – she slept much better than she normally does at home!  Like most babies, she sleeps well in the car so we would tuck her happily in after a feeding, drive 2-2.5 hours and find her fast asleep with her hat over her face. car-sleep-closeup The most amazing thing on the way down is that she knew almost to the minute the last time she had been fed and would cry briefly (just to remind us she needed to be fed, I guess!)  However, she was very kind and then she would subside and wait until we got to a stopping place.  We just had to get used to spending 1/4 of the time of the trip parked and feeding!

She also handled her Pack ‘n Play for night in the hotel quite well – sleeping 7 hours for the first time the first night!!  Sadly, this hasn’t lasted.  The next night she ate every 3.5 hours – and she hadn’t eaten that frequently at night since the first week home.  Still, when she goes to sleep with very little fuss at night, we can’t complain!  (If only this would happen in the days!)

sleeping-with-abandon Anyway, Elisa was greatly admired in South Jersey and very happily held by all and sundry – which meant she slept more since she prefers to sleep in arms.  Thankfully she has been pretty good the first day back as well – although still desiring much holding to sleep and frequently sleeping only for a half hour when laid down.  This is a picture from last week -and it wasn’t that she was relaxed and her head fell back.  She was holding it back!  Mommy especially appreciates that since this was the first day of 5 with just Mommy and Elisa since Daddy is in Janesville, WI.

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  1. Grace

    September 30, 2008

    Andrew and Kristin,
    It’s nice getting to know our niece this way although I would prefer up close and personal. She is a cutie! Thanks for keeping us up to date on how things are going with your beautiful, little girl. I look forward to getting to meet her some day.

    Much love,

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