Bath time!

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Last week Elisa had her first adventure with a tub bath rather than a sponge bath.  I guess we could have made the switch earlier, but the tub was full of various baby garments that had no place since the changing table hadn’t come and then wasn’t put together yet…

elisa-bath-002She seemed to enjoy her bath after the first surprise.  When she is startled, her eyes get even bigger and she reaches out her arms to the sides and slightly out and they tremble.  (Mommy’s favorite incidence of the startled reaction is taking off Elisa’s socks – it was a big surprise the first time and took repeating to really believe it was the socks!)  After this brief reaction she has seemed to enjoy her tub bath.  Lacking an actual fig leaf, we chose an appropriate color washcloth to keep the pictures semi-modest.

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