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green-outfit-car-seatThis morning was one of those crazy mornings that every parent has experienced a few times – but today it was Kristin’s turn… The goal of the day was to make it to the 9:15 am pediatrician appointment 15 minutes away and hopefully find out Elisa had made it back to her birthweight.   The good news is we got there and Elisa is up to 8 lbs. 2.5 oz.

We started with a bit of a disadvantage since Elisa was off schedule since we had made our first non-local trip the day before.  Around here, getting to a Toyota dealer to get the car serviced and shopping at Sam’s requires 1.5 hours of driving.  The good news is that she travelled well, although the first attempt suggests she prefers speeds under 60 mph unless she is asleep.  This meant that feedings were a little off-time and the feeding after coming home was downright late (an hour is a LONG time for a 4-week old).  So Mommy slept in shorter chunks and fed Elisa twice in the night…and she didn’t eat as much (since she thankfully does know it is night) so she had less time between feedings.  Therefore she woke up at 6 instead of 7:30 to eat, putting her next feeding just before she needed to be at the doctor’s office!

But Elisa woke up well at 7:20 so we gave her a bottle (officially supplementing the 6am feeding) with the hope of delaying the next feeding and expressing some breastmilk for after the doctor’s appointment.  And she started eating so well just as Daddy left for work!  I should mention at this point that Elisa had not dirtied her diaper the previous day with all the travelling excitement even though it was regularly wet.  We knew that dirty diapers become less frequent at about a month of age and apparently Elisa is trying to follow the suggested schedule – we just hadn’t expected a day without dirty diapers right after a day with eight!  So the feeding was interrupted by a long-awaited event – it was just bigger than expected.

After sacrificing the burp rag to mop up her shirt and the pool (seriously!) in her lap so that she didn’t drip when she stood up (thankfully the sofa escaped!), Kristin took Elisa upstairs to change and get a bath.  It was bad enough that using a wash cloth would only dirty the washcloth and not wash Elisa, so once the diaper was removed , Elisa was rinsed off under the tap and then quickly brought the 6 feet back to her changing table for a new diaper.  But it wasn’t quick enough.

The reader at this point can anticipate that warm water had the expected effect and Kristin got wet as well as dirty.  Thankfully most of it fell on the changing pad.  So Kristin decided that getting a diaper on as soon as possible was wise, even if only to throw it away in 5 minutes when Elisa had been bathed…but not before Elisa was also spitting up, because of course, she hadn’t been burped after the bottle!  (Not that burping has stopped spit up yet…) naked-with-boppy

So at this point, Kristin managed to get Elisa bathed and dressed and get herself changed and all the clothes rinsed out and put to soak.  She even called Andrew to share her exciting experiences – especially that she still didn’t have to leave for 25 minutes, so maybe Elisa could finish her feeding, even if expressing breast milk was out!  So we sat down to finish the last half-ounce and Mommy, feeling a little rushed overdid things and apparently gagged Elisa a bit.  It started with a little spit-up and Kristin thought she had escaped until the second take when both of us were pretty well covered and the bottle feeding was made moot.

So Elisa got a new onesie and pants and Kristin got a new shirt (thankfully only a few drops landed on the jeans this time and they hide stains well.  But since today is laundry day, there also weren’t many options for other pants.)  And we STILL got to the doctor’s office 5 minutes early.

The bad news is that the doctor never got there since he is also an OB/GYN and got delayed 2 hours plus in surgery…but that means Elisa got her 9:15 feeding!

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  1. Tara

    September 8, 2008

    Ahem. It happens. One morning when Evan was an itty bitty I was washing curtains at 7:30 in the morning.

    Don’t worry, it won’t last forever. In the mean time, I usually make sure baby is dressed in onesies because just pants and a shirt make for way too much exposed skin! And, onesies can slip down from the shoulders to be removed without having to give baby a shampoo. 🙂

    This too shall pass.

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