A Budding Fashionista

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off-the-shoulder-excitementThis morning Elisa woke up sporting a new look: off-the-shoulder.  She had worked her arm out of the sleeve of the nightgown (a common occurrence!) and up our of the neck hole.  This is not entirely unexpected since she has worked since day one to get her arms loose from swaddling, but she seemed particularly excited by her new fashion.

off-the-shoulder-joy Fortunately, she will not be disappointed that it has been done before – and either way, any fashion sense she has would probably be an improvement on her parents!

socks1 Kristin has also been working on baby fashion sense by learning to accessorize.  As with all babies, Elisa worked her way out of socks and mittens with exhilarating  speed.  As for the mittens, she learned to control her hands more so she stopped scratching herself – we had given up on mittens and she was rather scratched up for two weeks.  However, even though we could avoid socks for a while since it was warm weather, the cold weather is a-comin’ and socks could not be ignored!  Therefore, with a recent trip to Babies ‘R Us, Kristin bought multiple types of socks to try and see if any stayed on better – and there was success!!  Unfortunately for Elisa’s fashionista hopes, it is the cheap socks that stay on best.

headbandAnd of course, there were the cute baby headbands to buy as well as socks.  Elisa frequently gets the headband so the bow falls over her eyes, especially when she is riding in the car, so we save them for special occasions.  Here, you also see her sporting her burp cloth which she frequently holds following a burping session whether asleep or awake.  Maybe she can bring burp cloths into style as a new trend…


(Note:  Check out more pictures in the gallery linked at the top of the page!)

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