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Kristin and I worked together to put the crib pieces together the night before Elisa decided to make her appearance. The next morning Kristin added the extras that transform a crib from wood and plastic covered mattress to padded wood and cloth-covered plastic-covered mattress. So, as we left the house for the hospital, the room was pretty much all set to go.

That was a nice thing. After supper last night, Kristin and I loaded the car, placed Elisa in her seat, and drove home. We did not have to fight with getting things ready for her when we got home. Nonetheless, we had multiple opportunities to learn from her (and she from us)  through the night. We have spent the morning continuing to get used to each other.

If you are wondering about Ink, rest assured, Ink is wondering about what is going on and has, so far, given Elisa a wide berth. Although he’d spent most of Sabbath outside, after her first cry he decided to spend a little more time outside. We’ll see how long it takes for formal introductions to be made.

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