Ready to roll

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ready-to-rollThis evening Elisa rolled from front to back (to her right) twice!  We were both a little surprised – we just wanted to give a little tummy time to help strengthen neck, arms and legs and she flipped herself over.  Of course, she didn’t want to do anything halfway, so she kept going onto her left side after a brief rest on her back (270 degrees says mommy!)  We were so sure it was a fluke (and she’d not protested at all in the process) that we put her on her stomach again and made sure she wasn’t up on her arms to have an unfair advantage and she flipped herself over again within a minute.  Of course, surprises are never caught on video, so we only have a picture of the preparations for the flip.  While we are very proud of her, we’re not quite sure we are ready for any real mobility on her part – we’re still learning to have the next diaper and the burp cloth always handy so we don’t get sprayed from one end or the other!

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