Exploding Diapers

By on Aug 28, 2008 in Uncategorized | 1 comment

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OK, so maybe “exploding” is taking some literary license – but we want to blame it on the diapers so that Elisa isn’t traumatized in later life!  On Wednesday, we had our first experience with a diaper that did not contain its contents.  “We” is accurate since we each had an opportunity to deal with such a diaper – and another today!  Kristin is willing to claim user error on her part for the first two diapers; she has a bad habit of putting on the diapers low enough that Elisa has plumber’s butt by the next diaper change.  However, Elisa decided to improve and even beat out one of Daddy’s diapers!


Of course, no one wants to see pictures of exploding diapers, so here is a picture of her in the third onesie she wore yesterday (the first was entirely soaked by spit up and the second and third went the way of the exploding diapers so she ended up dressed for bed early).  Clearly we are experiencing more laundry as a side effect!

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  1. Angi

    October 3, 2008

    Ethan exploded his first diaper less than 24 hours after arriving home from the hospital in the carseat!! Then, he also had one where it shot across the diaper changing pad because he wasn’t “finished” We have a picture of that one 🙂

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