Every day, a new adventure

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Tomorrow Elisa is a week old and has her first visit to the pediatrician.  As a warmup, today we went to the bank and paid for the new carpet that got laid in our renovated rooms today.  (It was made more interesting by the fact that they laid blue carpet instead of brown the first time – but we also got it a day earlier than expected!)  She also got to sleep in her Pack ‘n Play bassinet for the first time today.  After supper, Elisa and dad and mom tried out the new stroller and visited the neighbors.

Overall, things are going quite well.  Elisa is learning to burp so hopefully this will lead to less fussing nights.  She does a good job pushing up on her knees when she has tummy time.  Her neck is getting stronger so she is holding her head back from shoulders longer and more frequently.  Tonight she also learned to fold her hands!

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