Belly Button!

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Elisa lost her umbilical cord stump Sabbath afternoon, so the belly button has now made its appearance.  Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten a good picture, but you can trust her  (unbiased) parents when we say it is beautiful like the rest of her!  This has made it much easier to dress her in onesies, so we have started wearing all the great onesies she got from friends, including this beautiful model which her cousins Cate and Eve previously modeled.


In a timely fashion, Elisa experienced her first use as a sermon illustration earlier in the day – that her umbilical cord was not the source of nutrients or a good way to be connected anymore.  As her parents are both pastor’s kids, this will not be her last use as a spiritual object lesson, even if we’ll try to be good…and lest you blame her father the preacher, her mom had already used her feeding habits to make a point about spiritual growth in Sabbath school!

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